Laura Mark


Laura is a Portland, Oregon native who is inspired by animals and understanding pine trees. She enjoys a great cup of coffee and dabbling in all sorts of artistic media, like graphic design, illustration, music and photography.

In 2014, Laura graduated with a BA in Visual Communications with an emphasis in Studio Art + minor in History from Franklin University Switzerland. Laura specializes in layout, event collateral, illustration, drawing anthropomorphic food, making and eating pizza and talking in third person.

Contract designer at MKM Design
Production Designer for 2019 Big Hero Gala for Big Brothers Big Sisters
Gig posters – PDX Pop Now! 2019
Design for Fundraiser Campaign incl. merch incentives – PDX Pop Now! 2018

2018 Investor Report - Friends of the Children National
Album design and artwork for Gordon Keepers, Pretty Little City
Graphics Coordinator – PDX Pop Now! 2018
Branding + Logo for Fundraiser "Rescue the Kitchen" – Rescue Mission
Design Specialist – Friends of the Children (contract)
Travel Materials – Friends of the Children National
Graphics Coordinator – PDX Pop Now! 2018
Designer for MKM Design (contract)
T-shirt Design – Big Brothers Big Sisters Columbia NW

Friends of the Children projects
-Fall Newsletter
-Signage for NE office
Graphics Coordinator – PDX Pop Now! 2017
Design collateral – Friends of the Children 2017 Friend Raiser
Design - Conference Solutions (web design, collateral)
Design – Umpqua Bank (Home Lending Department, contract)

Web design – Kenai BBQ
Design Specialist – Friends of the Children 2016 Friend Raiser
Artistic Coordinator – PDX Pop Now! 2016
Social Media + Beta tester – Early Canvas
Illustration – local music magazine, Next Northwest

Design, Social Media + Photography – 2015 National Walking Summit, D.C.
Assistant Leather Worker + Social Media – From Marfa with Love
Social Media Manager + Graphic Design – Looptworks
Residency with Wide Open Studios - Signal Fire: backpacked around the
Cascades with a group of artists, having in-depth dialogues about
ecological ideologies
Graduated Franklin University Switzerland
- BA in Visual Communications & Studio Art + minor in History

Marketing and Design Internship – OMSI Creative Services

Location: Portland , OR, United States